Residential Play Systems

Choose Your Play System

Castle or Clubhouse? The first step in designing your family’s dream swing set is to select either our Castle Play Systems series or our Clubhouse Play Systems series. Each is filled with endless adventures and years of imaginative play so there’s no wrong choice. You simply need to determine which types of play are the best fit for your children.

Castle Series

The Castle swing sets have an open play design, which produces an abundance of room to go up, down and all around for even the most energetic little ones.

Castle Series

What makes a Castle a castle?

  • Unique Silhouette
  • 360˚ Tire Swing
  • Jacob’s Rope Ladder
  • Super Flared Canopy & Flags
  • Two Extra Wide Ladders
  • Unique Step/Chain Combo Ladder
  • Best Structure for Unlevel Yards

Clubhouse Series

Clubhouse playsets are a great solution for compact yards. Create a unique and imaginative space for your kids by adding the lower-level playhouse or the upper-level cabin package.

Clubhouse Series

What makes a Clubhouse a clubhouse?

  • Two Play Areas, Upper & Lower
  • Lower Level Sandbox, Picnic Table,
    General Store & Playhouse Options
  • Upper Level Cabin Package Options
  • Rock Wall Option
  • Climbing Ramp Option

Choose Your Accessories

Customize your play system by selecting from many options.


Take a closer look at the hundreds of swing set models and accessories that you can choose from to build your very own Rainbow Play System.

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